The Negative Effects Of Divorce In Today's Society

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Divorce In today’s society, divorce is becoming a norm than a vice, with many marriages ending up in divorce. Have we ever wondered why people divorce? And do they take their children into consideration before the divorce? Many people are getting a divorce for a number of reasons, and one thing they never put in mind is the effect of the divorce both on them and on their children. Why do people take vows if they do not intend to live up to the vow? Divorce has adverse effects both on the parents and their children in the future. Most children from divorce families have problems in the future, for instance lack of parental guidance, which might lead to behavioral, psychological, and academic problems. In addition, parents can develop health risks after divorce. People get divorce because they have their own problems, it can be anything, and if they have children it gets even worse. There are many reasons why people opt for divorce in the society today. One of the reasons why people divorce is marital infidelity. Marital infidelity causes an irreparable harm to the spouse and many of them opt for a divorce instead of mending their marriage. When one or both parents indulge in an extra-marital affair, the harm caused is always irreparable and the marriage ends in a divorce. Today, there are many reported cases of marital infidelity which has led to a number of divorce cases in the world today (Clarke-Stewart, 2007). Therefore, parents should be ready to keep their vows and

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