The Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Have you ever thought about how children of divorce feel or what they go through when their parents get a divorce? Divorce is a case or an action of legally dissolving a marriage. Divorce basically means the end of a marriage by a legal process, which leads to a complete separation between two people. Nevertheless, people these days are getting divorced more than married. A new study in the United States has discovered that 50 percent of American marriages usually end in divorce (Jasmin, October 2013). Divorce between parents can affect living arrangements, schedules, relationships, parenting and especially when it comes to childhood. More than 30 years of research, the results remain the same about the negative effects of divorce on children but the important question is how children are affected by their parents’ divorce? Divorce is always stressful for children and it can cause painful memories. Many children whose parents get a divorce feel as if their world is falling apart, when parents get a divorce their children know that a lot of things will change, they also know that one of their parents will not be around and some children do not want their parents to separate because separation might lead to losing contact with one of their parents. Children of divorce can feel like they have been hit the hardest by their parents’ divorce, yet parents who get a divorce have reasons into why they’re splitting. Many children carry painful memories of divorce into adulthood and

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