The Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children Essay

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Married couples encounter a lot of problems during their marriage, which leads to divorce and just accepts it as a way of life. Divorce is now a common act that people do when they no longer want to be married But during that decision making process parents tend to forget that it’s different when children are involved and the damage they are doing to the children and the psychological, social academical and emotional distress they will go through at some point in their lives. For this reason, we need to study the negative effects of divorce on children. Divorce causes children to think that they’re the victim or the cause of their parent’s separation; it will even cause children to think that their parents do not love them. According to an article Effects of Divorce on the family written by Fagan, P (2012) when parents divorce each other, another sort of divorce occurs between the parents and their children. This causes a decline in the relationship between the child and parent, the stress of divorce damages the parent-child relationship. He also stated that “ the support they received from home is rated much lower by children of divorce parents than by children from intact homes and these negative rating become more pronounced by the time children are in high school.…show more content…
It also shows a decrease in language stimulation, affection, pride and motivation of academic behaviour thus causing a result in less caring and protection of children. Divorce also tends to weaken the relationship between the child and the no residential parent which is usually the father as it becomes difficult for them to maintain close ties with their children. According to “Divorced Parents’ Qualitative and Quantitative Reports of Children’s Living
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