Essay On The Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Divorce and separation is a common thing in the society, and is widespread all over the world. This article is talking about the effect of divorce on children and how it can negatively affect their way of life and sometime create problems that will not appear now until later years in life, how divorce can have negative short-term and long-term effect on most children and also create ways on how children can be protected from these negative effects of divorce. Many research that has been done on divorce and parenting have provided us the information that we needed to know. How divorce have vital effect in the attitude of the children, the negative short-term and long-term effect of divorce on children, the risk factors and the protective factors that will determine how divorce is been experience. We know that parental control, good parenting quality, and the parent-child relationship which are the three most important ways of protecting children can have positive influence on the well-being of the children after divorce when it is provided to the children. During this process of divorce parenting is challenging as parents may not know how the children…show more content…
The negative effects of divorce result in some changes in psychological and emotional of every one that is involved in the divorce process. After divorce many parents have some problems that they will need to figure out how to adjust with it for the rest of their life. The stress of divorce decreases or damage the relationship between parents and their child. It is also stressful for the parents to adjust to their role as a single parent. Divorce parents may not be able to provide all the necessary support that their children may need as they are going through some kind of stress. The support that children from divorced parents get is lower when compare with the support that children from intact homes
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