The Negative Effects Of Early Education

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will have slower emotional development and score less well in reading and math 's tests, if their mothers return to work full time in the years before they start school. By the research, Prof Francesconi said that "Even the children of highly educated mothers who go back to full-time work early will have lower educational attainment. But the disadvantage will not be as much as it is for less educated mums". This statement supports the idea of mother who working outside really has negative effect on her children. Parents are the first teacher of a child, especially the mother. Imitate others ' action is the basic instinct of learning. In addition, a research study that received national attention in Britain found that "children whose mothers worked fill-time were twice as likely to fail their high school leaving exams as those whose mothers stayed home to raise them"
This example also shows that working mothers have negative effects to their children on education. As a result, if mothers working outside for long time, then the child will has nobody to imitate so that has less chances to learn abilities. This is the basic reason of why the children with working mothers have low early education level. As a result, early education is a very important step to influence people 's IQ and EQ for their whole life. Nowadays, intensifying competition between people becomes harder and harder, so children cannot lose from the starting line. Therefore, mothers should not work outside for

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