The Negative Effects Of Eating Buffet

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If you think what kind of food that people eat in Thailand are popular now. The first type of food that came up in ours head is Buffet. Most of people choose and like to eating buffet than other food type. Some people choose to enter the buffet restaurant frequently to once a week. They give reason of eating buffet first that make they feel more than full and worthwhile. Second eating buffet can choose food that you like to eat or not like. Some peoples told that eating buffet are their happiness, they feel relax when they eat buffet and when they eat buffet with their friend they can talk and it make they feel funny. But these happiness are often followed by negative effect always. Some menu or some type of buffet can bring negative effect such as eating Shabu buffet, Barbeque buffet and cake buffet or many more. All of these menu have a lot of fat and sodium .Eating buffet is eating overabundant and more than is necessary that your body need. Furthermore eating buffet has negative effect to your body. Why most of people still eat buffet? Eating buffet has negative effect in several sides to your health. It bring about cause of abdomen and intestine over worked and risk of Gastric acid reflux, receiving overabundant of sodium so it exceed necessity for body that make kidney work hard, risk of cancer and obesity. So we should stop eating buffet overabundant for our better health. Eating buffet one time most of people will eat more than they ever eat in each meal and they

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