The Negative Effects Of Economic Globalization

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Economic Globalisation is a process where world economies are all connected in a giant network. Changes created in one country economy could have effects over the rest economies in the world.
Since the mid-eighties, Globalisation has modified dramatically the way societies interact worldwide, and it has modified the political, social and economic structures and the relationship between countries. The nation-state is losing power in favour of supranational organizations and multinational corporations compared to the last centuries.
Globalization authors agree that this process has been possible essentially because of the reduction of trade barriers, decrease in transportation cost, financial deregulation, development of new technologies and the improvement of communications.
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Alike any transformation, Globalisation creates new opportunities and threats. Moreover, it is stimulating a large debate between those who consider the advantages of this phenomenon, and those who think that it is generating more problems than benefits, especially for developing countries and their
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