The Benefits Of The Fast Food Industry

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" “Fast food is well-liked and popular for the reason that it is convenient, cheap and it tastes good. However, the real cost of eating fast food not appears on the menu” (Schlosser, 2016). The idea of fast food industry started with white castle. It was the first chain of fast food created in 1921. Then, the fast food starts to progress and advertise in most of the countries" (Linker, 2012). While, the fast food business has increase notably in the recent years, the lifestyle of college students has been determined as busy and rush, the fast food consumption increases among students which it has a negative impacts on their health.
"Many studies have linked the college student and fast food to health problems for example, a growth of obesity
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That point is true; as it is a reason which regularly used by students unconvinced that anybody would eagerly select junk if better food is less expensive. But it is unimportant because While fast food is cheap compared with different sorts of restaurants, it is expensive compared with what is prepared at home, even if it is cooked far higher-quality food. NY Times notes that the standard McDonald’s meal costs about $7, signifying to $28 to supply a group of four. Conversely, cooking food in home has its very own expense. If there is a time and energy, eating at home is a greatly improved choice all around. Students felt hungry when they see food advertising depend on ads distribution more, watching these ads repeatedly create a mental model in their minds. Even in Gulf countries, the demand for fast food has become enormous, this because fast food is useful economically and financially as they claim, and whatever relate to their health matters, they just ignore it " (Web MD , 2016).
In conclusion, Fast Food industry is common in the world as it is positioned almost in each country. Many people especially such as college students are relying on it. The trend consumptions of fast food are increasing daily. Students of colleges and universities is to think twice before deciding to eat from outside. There are many health risks when it comes to eat food that is made within a matter of minutes. Even if it easy to buy and cheaper than homemade snacks. Eating in fast food places can cost thousands of dollars in hospitals bills, because of diseased snack. Therefore, it is necessary to eat healthy

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