The Negative Effects Of Fast Food

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Fast food advertising is an issue of a broad importance due to its profound negative influence on children’s food choices and parents buying behavior in the Middle East mainly as it attracts people through several mediums and themes on a daily basis. Thus, causing unhealthy eating habits and an increase in the consumption of junk food that initiates negative health effects. Also, fast food advertising develops a great tendency in the Middle Eastern society and the Malaysian to eat western style fast foods, which reduces from the cultural values of people and creates a shift from traditional foods and a growing demand for western fast food outlets that rise from the western culture influence and globalization on the society. This argumentative research paper sheds a light on the negative aspects of fast food advertisements and the consequences of them on the society. It has become clear throughout this research that fast food advertisements influence on children and parents have reached an alarming level of concern and targeting children specifically can have an evocative impact on their food choices and health. Moreover, various evidences assert that fast food advertising is a causative factor for obesity and there is a correlation between the high rate of obesity in the middle east and the exposure to fast food ads. Yet, an increase in marketing healthy options to children, an extensive media education for both children and parents, placing bans against advertising of

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