Objectification In Advertising

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I would like to discuss your TV commercials, which has been using sexualized images of women for longer than I can remember. You have made enormous amount of benefit from the TV commercials, featured by half naked celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. However, I want to point out that these ads’ blatant objectification of women has offended a number of women and has degraded dignity of women, leaving many negative effects on women and girls. For these reasons, your advertisements need to be replaced.

Almost always, your ads feature thin, Caucasian models in bikinis or very little clothing, biting a very larger burger and there is sauce dripped on their stomachs or chests. Your 2016 All Natural Burger commercial, featuring Charlotte
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Now, being 2017, the time of male dominance is over, therefore, this old habit of portraying women only as sexual objects should be stopped.

Undoubtedly, female objectification in your commercials has significantly negative effects. Among the list of repercussions, there are depression, body shame, appearance anxiety and eating disorder. Female objectification in your ads has made not only women but also girls feel pressured to follow the beauty standards of our culture and willingly change their faces and bodies. When women and young girls internalize an observer’s perspective of their bodies, they live under the imaginary third person’s standard and this is very unhealthy. Not only women, but female objectification also affects males, by telling them they should desire the women media portrays. Females with varying
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Dismemberment ads focus on one part of the body, e.g., a woman’s breasts. Your ads employ female body parts for the purpose of selling the product. If you disagree with me, I can give you hundreds of examples and one of them, again, should be your latest 2016 All Natural burger ad. In that ad, the focus shifts from the model’s hips to legs to breasts and those specific body parts are being emphasized as they are covered by a pair of ample watermelons of a pair of hamburgers. The dismemberment of women in the ad encourages a woman to see her body as individual pieces rather than a whole. For instance, if a woman has a freckled face, then her potential for beauty is entirely spoiled. In the other words, beauty is unachievable without having flawless body parts. As previously mentioned women are conditioned from a young age to be in constant need of alteration. From a young age women compare themselves to the sexualized images of women that are plastered on televisions, magazines or movies. The consequence of these images is huge; instead of being satisfied with her body as a whole, a woman concentrates on separate entities of body she lacks. In addition to objectification of women, dismemberment of women has serious repercussion including eating disorders, body shame, anxiety and depression. Likewise, dismemberment of women in media produces negative effects comparable to
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