Stricter Gun Control

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Gun control is a topic that takes on a proportion of extreme magnitude in the U.S. In the last couple of years, with the increase in school shootings, people are looking for change. Republicans and Democrats seem to be weighing in, almost daily, on what should or shouldn’t be regulated in reference to guns. But, what about what we as Americans have the right to? Guns have been a part of our society since the birth of this Nation. It is a necessity for our men and women in uniform, whether military or an authority figure, to carry a gun. They need to be able to protect themselves and those of the surrounding public. So if there were to be stricter gun control in the U.S. would it change the way the Second Amendment protects our nation, in addition…show more content…
No matter if you are for tighter/stricter regulations or not, it will always resort back to the Second Amendment. Sure you can set limitations and have guns regulated state by state, but we as American citizens will always have the right (so if we choose) to own a gun and protect ourselves, as long as it is established the proper way. I also would say that if there was a stronger dynamic to the guidelines that are already in place for gun control, then we could keep the guns out of the wrong hands, as such the mentally ill, convicted felons and under aged adolescents. I believe in this day and age that we live in, as sad as it is, we will always have gun violence. In order to minimize it, as times change we need to evolve, just as with anything. This may mean now and in the future we practice active shooter scenarios just as we practice fire drills. Also, allowing our school personnel to have their carry concealed while on school premises, to have added coverage for safety. I believe it is necessary to take all precautions to protect our children, especially until something more is done about mental health; in and out of schools. If we want to see change, there are other things we can do to decrease gun violence, than just to make stricter gun
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