The Negative Effects Of Having An After School Job

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Students could benefit a lot from having an after school job, but an after school job has many negative effects too. People may say that after school jobs helps a student gain experience and that they could earn a decent amount of money, but why should it be “After School”? If a student really needs to have an after school job, they could easily apply for one during summer or any other vacation. Having an after school job during vacations can make a student’s life much easier. Summer vacation is 3 months long, students could use at least one month for doing extra-curricular activities and working in a part-time job. Having homework, exams, and an after school job can cause a lot of stress for a student, how could they go to work when they have an exam the next day? Students don’t have enough time to study for an exam and finish all their homework while they have an after school job. I’ve heard a number of people say that students could skip work with an excuse that they have an exam, but what if a student has a lot of exams? Would they skip their work 3 or 4 days a week? Our school gives us at least 3 exams a week, so is it okay if students skip work for 3 days? Will their manager or boss let them do that? I don’t think so. I know, having an after school job helps students while applying for college, but it won’t help a lot because it will ruin the student’s grades. Students should focus on their grades (school), any part-time job or extra-curricular activities should be
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