The Negative Effects Of Homework

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative, expression and knowledge,” a famous quote from Albert Einstein. If that is true, then teachers should know, homework does none of that. All it does is bit by bit tear a piece out of your living soul and furthermore brutally destroy the sense of joy you maybe once had, long ago. Teenagers may build up stressed about homework, get a lack of sleep, or lose the dreams of being in activities outside of school, or just relaxing. Most students get stressed about homework, and they would like to do other things such as extracurricular activities, get more sleep, or just spend time with their family. A majority of student’s main stressor is homework. A study conducted by Stanford University showed that 99 percent of students get stressed about homework, tests, and getting favorable grades (Parker). Even though tests aren’t homework, students feel obligated to do extra homework or study to get exceptional grades on their test. Consequently, kids are feel taxation and get stressed out. Students are also given too much homework and stress levels rise. Studies show it is much worse if the assignment is overdue (Druker). Students are already learning enough in the classroom environment, they don’t need to spend more time out of school on their work. Homework produces unneeded stress, especially if there are multiple or overdue assignments. All homework does is build up stress, and prevent time for other things. Students need

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