The Negative Effects Of Homework

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Homework is eating students alive! Too much homework is causing numerous issues within undergraduates in today 's society. Students stress levels are through the roof, social lives are diminishing, grades are slipping and their physical health is in jeopardy. Teachers appoint hours of work at night, which most kids do not have the time to accomplish, especially when they want to have a gregarious life outside of school. The issues declared have a common source which emphasizes that teenagers are receiving a colossal amount of homework and it needs to change. This problem was well known to Maria, a student in tenth grade. Her typical day consisted of waking up at six, going to school all day, then participating in basketball. Basketball tended to go until at least nine o 'clock at night and by the time she returned home, she was mentally drained and still had a minimum of three hours of studying, reading, math worksheets and science labs to finish. Furthermore she needed to shower and eat dinner. As she navigated to her room, she completely melted down from the pressure and scarcity of time she had as she remained up until midnight endeavoring to finish her homework, resulting in less than six hours of sleep. Maria had everything going for her, she was popular, she was on varsity sports, she acquired a lead role in the band, she had a job and she was involved in drivers ed. Maria, although seemed exceptional was actually suffering immensely from the pressure of keeping her

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