The Negative Effects Of Illegal Immigration On America

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The United States has forever been known as the land of the free and the nation of opportunity and the described as a ‘country of immigrants’. The United States opens door policy to those people in need continues to bring dividends in areas such as cultural diversity, market expansion, and dominance in the fields of science and engineering. In addition, America was shaped by immigrants and is considered to be the melting pot of the world. The landmark that means most to immigrants is the Statue of Liberty located in New York City. America now must come to the realization that immigration as a whole is no longer a positive influence on American culture. The plaque on the Statue of Liberty for immigrants to read as they reach Ellis Island reads as: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” ("How tall is the Statue of Liberty") while these are promising, hopeful words for immigrants to place hope and faith in, they are very often taken for granted. It affects the country’s population, society, and economy.
The highly publicized issue of this generation’s immigrants has begun on a much larger negative aspect of the friendly, easy-going immigration laws of the United States. Many negative viewpoints have been conveyed to the forefront of the predominant press. Issues such as poverty, public assistance, population increase, health care cost, drugs, violence, wage suppression, and immigration reform are all affected by illegal immigration
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