The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In The United States

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There is a high possibility that you are an immigrant. Over the course of hundred of years millions of immigrants have entered the United States. Immigration is a controversial subject that many people have a strong opinion toward. Immigration has been an issue that has started since Christopher Columbus first discovered America and still continues to this day. The number of people coming into the United States has increased greatly that people soon began to see it as an issue. There has been a strong debate to whether immigration has a beneficial or disadvantageous impact on the nation. Those who believe it to be have a negative impact claim they take away job opportunities from Native Americans and use up the government’s help. But in contrast,…show more content…
When seen in perspective of only Natives “Immigration reduces the wages of natives in competition with immigrants by an estimate of $402 billion a year, while increasing profits or the incomes of users of immigrants by an estimate $437 billion” (Camarota). Since immigrants come to this country with no previous knowledge or education because their sole purpose to come is to find more opportunities in the United States resulting in them not having a decent economic income. In the United States, immigrants or nonimmigrants, who are uneducated pay less taxes and since their economic status is of low income they receive government aid. The government helps them to be able to have a stable living to survive by giving them food, clothing, schooling, etc. But comparing illegal and legal immigrants, those who are legalized receive more welfare for the fact that they are more eligible to more programs. For the young and uneducated there is a competition with immigrants because they both have the same financial status and compete for the same jobs. The lower class of the United States if filled with immigrants but also contains natives who have not had such success financially and for them it is difficult to find a job and maintain it for the search for jobs is an issue in general in the U.S. When immigrants first entered the United States, Natives feared that immigrants would take their…show more content…
In part immigration has caused a fiscal gain that help the U.S. government. “George Borjas, the nation’s leading immigration economist estimates that the presence of immigrant workers (legal or illegal) in the labor market makes the United States economy (GDP) an estimate 11 percent larger (1.6 trillion) each year” (Camarota). Those who come and work in the United States have to pay their fair share of taxes and with so many immigrants in this country, the economy has seen an increase over time in which they benefit. “undocumented immigrants nationwide pay on average an estimated eight percent of their income in state and local taxes… the top one percent of taxpayers pay an average nationwide effective tax rate of just 4.5 percent” (Ivanova). Illegal immigrants are not able to receive their taxes back from what they paid throughout the year because they are illegal and trying to retrieve it could lead them to being deported and they do not want to risk that. Legal immigrants with a higher education and a better job have a fiscal gain because they pay more taxes than they receive government aid. Educated immigrant’s fiscal benefit is more than $105,000 in a life

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