The Negative Effects Of Imperialism In Africa

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Industrial revolution might be one of the greatest revolutions to occur in human history. During the era of industrial revolution economic and social the lives of people changed and great western cities prospered. Many western nations relied on another nation from raw material they need for their industries. So, western nation and Japan decided to seize control of other nations that have the raw materials. Through imperialism, western nations and Japan spread their rule throughout the world. Obviously, no one is never going to freely allow others to take over their nation. So, imperialism was mostly done using force. One area that was deeply affected by imperialism was Africa. While the positive effects of imperialism in Africa were Africa at the end was freed from European control and Africans were able to govern themselves & in Europe they access raw material and vase amount of land; the negative effects of imperialism in Africa caused great damage to human rights, social division, murder and raped of Africans and spread of racism throughout the continent; for Europe, the…show more content…
One great negative effects were the lack of humans rights Africans had due to imperialist rule. In document 3, which right way lists the rights that were denied to the Africans such as the right of religion, free speech, and etc. These rights are the basic fundamental rights of all humans. However, due to imperialism natives of Africa were denied to it. Going off that, imperialist killed and raped people during their reign. In document 5 poets David Diops writes about how imperialist killed his father and raped his mother. And, document 7 Ndansi Kumalo, a Zimbabwean man, recounts how after forcing their way to the nation, imperialist, they seized the native 's property and molested the wives of Zimbabweans’. Kumalo’s point of view is important because is detailed the cruel action of imperialism in
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