The Negative Effects Of Industrialization

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Regardless of its numerous beneficial outcomes, industrialization had a negative effect as well. After the Civil War, the United States built up an industrialized economy. Industrialization gave numerous advantages to the country and likewise, it created difficult issues that required action by the government. Industrialization is the start of manufacturing, the changing in the way items were made, from handwork to machines. Urban places overgrew where it prompted crowded urban communities to be formed. The population was too huge and caused numerous medical issues and living conditions were messy and undesirable. Urban areas were unsanitary and sicknesses filled the streets and the urban communities had no sanitation codes set up. This prompted having a considerable amount of the people into becoming ill at an early age. Because of the congestion of urban areas coming about because of industrialization, the population went from being farming to mechanical. Individuals began moving into these industrialized urban communities. Individuals were compelled to move to urban communities to seek employment since the economy in the urban areas were better. Workers and government authorities reacted differently to its negative impacts. Social life in the urban communities started to vanish every day. Individuals needed to live in apartments, urban communities ended up filthy and undesirable, illness spread and numerous individuals died. Neighborhoods for the common laborers were not
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