Lidl Case Study Solution

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Lidl currently have over 390,000 Facebook fans on the company’s website (See Appendix 3). This is largely due to Lidl’s recognition that customers wanted to interact with a household name via Facebook. To facilitate this Lidl has developed several games such as “Lidl Big Trolley” which can be played over Facebook with the opportunity to win prizes. As a result Lidl’s Facebook has evolved over time and the amount of fans has increased also. Lidl’s website is currently used for displaying information and is not used as an e-commerce website, this is a downside as customers cannot purchase products online, compared to market leaders Tesco. The site predominately displays weekly special offers, food themes, promotions, store locater, company information…show more content…
The recommendations include fixing various issues across their website such as increasing font size, removing product names in the German language, and additional investment in a transactional ecommerce store in the distant future may also be viable with the increase of online retailing. My first recommendation would be to fix the font size on the index section of each webpage. Users may become frustrated as a result of trying to navigate across the website. Ultimately they may not be able to achieve their goals and may leave the site. Similarly while browsing various informational webpages regarding company information (as discussed above) some user may find the font size too small and may also become frustrated. Overall improving these issue would contribute to a visitors ease of use across the…show more content…
This issue could affect sales in-store, not only would the customer become irritated and disorientated, they could be at the final stage of the decision making process to be faced with products listed in a language they are unfamiliar with. Ensuring all products are listed in English would contribute to an overall pleasant experience. Finally I would like to recommend considering an online transactional website for the future. Although this would not have a drastic impact on their business model immediately, long term it could warrant further investigation. It would take a tremendous investment, but as customers change their habits at an alarming rate it could be the next stage for Lidl to grow their business in the future. These recommendations I feel would improve the usability of the Lidl website and the overall web-based information system
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