The Negative Effects Of Listening To Music

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“Music is the Devil’s voice, Rap, Rock, Country, it is all garbage and it is ruining our children’s mind” (Eric Halvorsen). After years by years, music has influenced to human’s life whether directly or indirectly. It seems that music might be a part of mankind. Most of people may listen to music every day either consciously or unconsciously such as religious rituals, advertising in television or radio while driving. It is understood that people often listen to music for fun and entertainment but they probably do not know how music makes them feel. Music might have mysterious secret which is complicated to be explained. The drummer of The Summer Set, Jess Bowen, told that “Music can change lives. Whether you are having a good or bad day, the power of music can change one’s mood.” As Bowen said, music may be the main factor of changing human’s emotion; excited, love, sad or etc., which depending on what kind of music we listen to. In the present time, the plenty of music and its effects have been researching widely. Most of researches demonstrate about the positive effects of listening to music as I separate them into three main points in “Why do people listen to music”, the effect on brain, body and mind. On the other hand, listening to music possibly causes the negative results which depending on the relation between music kind and now-situation. In the globalization, people could reach the music easier if they could connect to the internet, and there are, also, lots of

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