The Negative Effects Of MOBA Games

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RESEARCH DESIGN The aim of the research paper is to show the peoples’ perception about MOBA Games toward how an addiction to computer games specifically MOBA Games leads to mental disorder. For the objective of this paper to be effective, the researchers will conduct a survey by knowing the perception of the player about the effects of too much focus on MOBA Games. The type of method which the researches will be using is the descriptive method of research which seeks to find the opinion of the respondents. The purpose of this type of method is to acquire organize, systematic process, empirical, and factual.

SUBJECT OF THE STUDY The respondents of the study will be the students in De La Salle Lipa, which are often
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This game can’t be played by a single person it required another player for the satisfaction of the game. MOBA Games has positive effects but it also has a lot of negative effects. Providing teamwork and leadership, improves the ability of individual to communicate with their team, work to secure their objectives and control the emotion of one player is some of the positive effects does a MOBA Games has. While on the other hand, sleep deprivation, loss of time management, loss of communication with family members, spending money for the game and addiction are some of the negative effects does a MOBA Games can give. Based on the results of this study, many teenagers are addicted to computer games, the time that they should be spend to their studies and families decreases due to their addiction to MOBA Games. Addiction to computer games can lead to mental…show more content…
It’s important for them to know the consequences that they could face when they continue to let their kids be addicted into such genre of game.
The study encourages computer shops to limit minors in playing too much hours, especially MOBA games. The study also recommends them to uninstall such games that contributes to mental disorders and instead let teens play educational games.
And lastly, the study recommends teenagers to be aware of what addiction in MOBA games could lead to. The study encourages them to rather play outside their houses more often than keeping themselves inside their rooms and play video games all

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