The Effect Of Media Violence On Aggression

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The Wild One was on of the first films made in America that included violence, vulgar language, and gang violence. The film created many negative responses and created a fear throughout the people that the behavior portrayed in the film would inspire, affect, and influence the action of teenagers. The board believed “that younger members of the audience would find only one message in The Wild One: 'If there were enough hoodlums and they behaved in a menacing way, they could get away with it '”(Preface). This was the first true event of real violence and aggression to show in films. Today there is an ongoing debate that violent media can cause violence and aggression in viewers, however other individuals believe that violence in the media…show more content…
The opposing side’s main argument is there is a lack of evidence to support the idea that aggression and violence can be caused through watching violence in TV shows and movies. They claim aggression and violence is not a direct link to tv violence. This is inaccurate because studies have been conducted for over fifty years and the results are remaining the same. A study was done “by an expert panel convened by the U.S. surgeon general, concluded, "Research on violent television and films ... reveals unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long-term contexts." Hundreds of original empirical studies of the link between media violence and aggression have been conducted, and numerous reviews of those studies—both narrative and statistical—have come to the same conclusion”(Senate Committee). The opposing side is correct in the fact that TV violence is not going to directly cause aggression in everyone who watches the violence or the individual be affected as soon as they view it. However, the studies have proven that it does cause an underlying effect of violence and aggression in the majority of children and some…show more content…
The opposing side believes that there is a lack of evidence that tv violence directly causes aggression, yet they still know it does cause aggression just on a much less extreme scale. There have been multiple studies done shown that just movie and TV violence can cause violence and aggressive thoughts in the viewer. Television and movie violence causes violence and aggression in the viewer. What you hear and watch cannot be unseen, so be careful what you choose to view considering the effects it could have on
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