The Negative Effects Of Media Violence

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The show WWE Raw portrays heavy masculine characters punching each other, taunting and threatening and breaking each other’s bones to earn a leather belt decorated with a few other ornaments. Thousands of children and teenagers view this show in the United States. From an average person’s point of view, all they see is the negative impact on children, focusing only on the violence element of the show, however, they conveniently ignore the determination and hard work the heavy weight Champions put into achieving the bodies that they have. Media violence is the belief that children or even adults if exposed to violent behaviour through audio-visual media, that includes punching, threatening, cursing, kicking and so on, may end up using it in real life. If indeed this was true then we would perhaps have an army of heavy weight champions running around the country, breaking each other’s bones and taunting and harming each other having watched WWE Raw. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study on what should be censored found no clear connection between media violence and violent behaviour (As cited in Massing & Kaminer, 2001, para. 11). The hype about media violence in the USA being the sole cause of violence in real life is over rated and needs to be evaluated in terms of numbers and reliability. Due to people blaming violence in real life on media violence, real causes and issues in incidents like gun shootings are being ignored. Additionally, strict censoring of all violent
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