The Negative Effects Of Migration In Health And Globalization

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Without a doubt, one can say that migration would play a negative role when it comes to the spreading of diseases globally. Whether it is done through the movement of people, food and manufactured goods, there can be negative impacts in public health. (Health and Globalization)
In order to curb such an issue, structures need to be put in place to combat the spread of these global diseases. More attention can be paid when it comes to quarantine and screening at various entry ports of nations around the world. When people, animals, plants or other goods might have been exposed to contaminated or infectious sources, restrictions of movement need to be put in place. With regards to screening, this helps identify any people, animals, plants or goods that may have been already contaminated or infected while attempting to pass through different entry ports.
Preventative measures need to be put in place; we need to have strong health systems globally that can provide primary care. WWW. defines primary care as “a patient 's main source for regular medical care, ideally providing continuity and integration of health care services. All family physicians, and many paediatricians and internists, practice primary care. The aims of primary care are to provide the patient with a broad spectrum of preventive and curative care over a period of time and to coordinate all the care that the patient receives.” This shows how it essential it is that every human being be provided
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