The Negative Effects Of Modern Technology

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Counter Arguments From above I had said many arguments on why modern technology will not take over people’s job but sadly the real truth states that almost half of the job is starting to be monopolize by the machines during the current stages. Admittedly, some negative effects have been raised by modern technology (Mahdawi and Chalabi, 2017). To begin with, the development of modern technology has bought us some baneful effects. According to McKinsey & Company they found that about 30% of tasks in 60% of occupations could be computerized and last year (Miremadi et al., 2017) , the Bank of England’s chief economist said that 80m US and 15m UK jobs might be taken over by robots (Events, 2017). Of course, not all jobs that have the same fate of becoming automation. In 2013, a highly cited study by Oxford University academics called The Future of Employment examined 702 common occupations and found that some jobs – telemarketers, tax preparers and sports referees – are at more risk than others including recreational psychologists, dentists and physicians (Benedikt Frey and A. Osborne, 2013). The diagram below are the least safe jobs due to automation.
Another source from Ball State University suggests that automation has already proven a major driver of job loss this millennium (J. Hicks and Devaraj, 2015) (Heater, 2017). The paper notes that the decade between 2000 to 2010 marked the U.S.’s largest decline in manufacturing jobs in its history (Heater, 2017). Those numbers are

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