The Negative Effects Of Music On Child Development

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“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in” (Greene, 1904-1991). Music is essential to every person’s life and seems to be involved in every activity of a child’s life from the moment they wake until they go to bed. Recent studies have shown that music (listening and playing instruments) have many impacts on children, especially in early stages of development of the child’s “body, brain, and their emotion foundations that support us for the rest of our lives” (Borgese, n.d.).
There are also many other factors that affect child development like type/genre of music both violent and nonviolent that may contribute or hinder the future child’s behavior. Different music can have different effects on people, people don’t absorb the effect of music the same way. Since, music is considerable as the useful tool and it makes things seems easier for people just by listening to it while concentrating or working on things. It is obvious that music is the best tool in relieving from stress and one study shows that music improves the performance of people at their work or children in school more effectively compared to their performance without music. Music does not just relaxing people but there are many benefits on the development of children with their brain, behavior, intellectual and cognitive that leads children to grow further than they could without music (Silberg, n.d.).
This topic was interesting to work and conduct researches on because
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