The Negative Effects Of New Media

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New media are checked quite often nowadays. A couple decades ago we would be isolated with friends or family at most occasions, whilst now we are connected with everyone throughout the entire day. This is not only detrimental to the local atmosphere, but can also be very dangerous to our image of a good life.

At literally any time of the day, anyone can send you a message, call you or even video-call you.
This radically changes the way people live, and the children of today are growing up with it. At first, this is seen as quite a convenience, while it provides some good food for thought.
What do all of these possibilities for communication cause, especially in combination with the peer pressure? New media can have a detrimental effect on children’s view of hapinness.

Central concepts
One of the central concepts of this essay is well-being, often referred to as having a good life. There are a lot of different definitions of a good life. One thing they all have in common is that it varies from person to person. In this essay the definition of happiness as your own subjective feeling about a combination of your personal status, social factors and your place in the modern society will be used. There are certain objective parameters that can be used to express, measure or discuss the good life, but your own subjective perception as the connecting element will form the leading defenition in this essay.
The other central concept is new media, which can be defined as on-demand

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