Benefits Of Nuclear Energy

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Have you ever thought that nuclear energy can produce many things that can cause mass destruction or could be beneficial to us ? There are research that backs up both sides of the argument . Is nuclear power safe to use ? Could it be the key to limiting the use of Fossil fuels? Could nuclear energy be the destruction of many cities and cause the lives of people. Nuclear power has many beneficial reasons. It can also be harmful if misused and can cause destruction to the world around us.
Nuclear energy is a widely explained topic and one thing that comes up can it be beneficial. Scientist have found out that it can actually can produce power at a faster pace than fossil fuels and gives off less pollution in the air. Nuclear energy is used
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Although the cost of setting up a nuclear power plant is extremely high the electricity produced afterward is very cheap.” That would cut the cost of electricity on everyone's bill and would be a better solution to using fossil fuel. “A nuclear power station is compact, which means it quintessentially covers an area the size of a football stadium and the surrounding. Wind turbines, solar cells, and growing biomass all need a huge area of land.” That would save money to the owner of the business and the people that own land near the plants no forcing them to sell their land to the owner of the plant. Another reason that it is cheaper that “ most nuclear reactors are designed to operate for more than 40 years.” That saying that you would not have to spend money on upgrading the plants and having to build new plants so over many years and it would be costly to upgrade. “ Nuclear fuel can last up two years before it has to be replaced.” fossil fuels are expensive to use are we burn through fossil fuel everyday by the thousands of gallons we use we could limit the use of the…show more content…
Nuclear radiation can have a huge effect on the human body, it can cause cancer and other illnesses. “ In terms of human health exposure to radiation is usually measured in units called rems.” “ A person exposed to 600 REMs dies in generally 60 days.” Basically even a little bit of exposure to radiation can be a risk to your health. “The first man- made fission reaction, workers in watch factories experienced unusually high rates of illness, particularly cancers of the mouth and throat. It turned out that out that the sick workers, those who painted glow in the dark numerals on the watch faces, using paint that contained small amounts of radium, a naturally occurring radioactive substance.” Due to the radiation that the workers were exposed to it gave them cancer. Another example of the effect of nuclear radiation is when the Chernobyl plant exploded spreading radioactive waste throughout the surrounding countries it will take over 4.5 billion years to return the Chernobyl area to its original state. It also had an effect on the people that were living in Chernobyl at the time of the accident. There were people that obtained cancer from the exposure to the radioactive waste that went into the air. The heat off of a nuclear explosion can do harm to the human body can according to understanding nuclear weapons and arms control “1st degree burns are at a distance of 7 miles away and 2nd degree burns distances about 6 miles
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