The Negative Effects Of Objectification In The Media

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In this essay I will be examining objectification in the media and the negative effects it may have on society. I began by thinking, what are some forms of objectification found in the media? I found that we have created this idealized image of how we should look and associated that image with success and happiness, “women’s magazine covers often place weight loss messages next to messages about one’s sex life, implying weight loss will lead to a better sex life And it is similar for men, except their image is based off of a sculpted muscular physique. With varied brands of protein powders and the latest bulk building methods plastered all over men’s magazines it’s difficult for them not to feel inadequate unless they are sporting six-pack abs and killer biceps. If you look at this through a semiotic lens you would see that these advertisements are meant to signify that if you lose weight and have the “ideal” runway-model-body, or if you are a man and you look like you spend 8 hours a day at the gym, you will have a better sex life or be more attractive to your potential mate. The symbols used in the media helps lead the consumers to accept this narrow definition of beauty, and applies immense pressures to fit this unattainable standard. This obsession with the “Ideal” physical form has lead to an increase in unhealthy life habits such as anorexia and steroid use. Men have been subjected to “hypermasculinity” in advertising since the beginning of advertising, which

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