An Essay About Fish Life

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We all use the wonderful gifts of nature the ocean provides us, whether it be some flavorful sea salt or a sea sponge loofah. But easily the most valuable treasure of the ocean is the delicious seafood it provides us! Seafood includes crustaceans, octopi, as well as fish. Some of the fish commonly caught in the ocean include tuna, tilapia, and catfish, oh my! The list is endless. Unfortunately, so is the fishing of these critters. While fish have been a staple food item in the diet of humans since the beginning of time, there are too many people and too much demand. The ocean simply cannot supply so much.

Overfishing, by definition, is fishing until fish stocks are at unacceptable levels in any body of water, particularly the ocean. Overfishing creates a complex, interconnected web of problems which is difficult to untangle. For starters, it depletes fish populations ruthlessly. As a
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You take a few fish from the wild and let them reproduce and grow in a simulated environment. When the time comes, you can “harvest” as many as needed. This is a simple yet effective solution with few negative effects. It does not upset the balance of the ocean ecosystem, as you are taking only a few individuals (both male and female) Then, you can create a mini ecosystem similar to their natural habitat. The aquarium would include many of the same abiotic/biotic factors, such as the same plants, same temperature, and similar water quality. The fish would either be fed their natural food, provided it is sourced sustainably, or an easier, healthier, and more eco-friendly option. As there are no threats, such as invasive species or predators, the population would flourish. When there is a decent amount of individuals who can reproduce (in order to maintain the population) you can capture/ harvest as many as needed. There is an array of humane methods to kill fish. If the fish farm is unable to keep up with the demand, then you can fish in the
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