The Negative Effects Of Playing Video Games On Children

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Every week people all over the world spend three billion hours playing video games. Over 90% of children that have access to game playing devices play video games and more than 90% of the top rated games include violence. Will this have an effect on the children growing up today? Have you noticed that your child is getting more violent and aggressive for no particular reason? Could this be linked to the games he or she plays? Are you worried that your child is wasting time playing video games and forgetting about school, family, and their social life? There are a lot of positive, as well as, negative effects to playing video games and this essay will attempt to present both sides. It will show that video games can produce positive boosts that may help your child’s success in life. Seven percent of teenagers in the UK spend more than 30 hours playing video games every week, an average of more than four hours per day. When you spend that much time on video games not only are you ruining your social life by neglecting homework, school, family and friends but you also do damage to yourself. Video games increase short term energy intake, causing an increase in blood pressure and calorie intake and a preference for sweets. More frequent eating and less moving and exercising can result into childhood obesity. Even if you are not gaining weight, long term gaming can cause serious issues and pain in your back, neck and wrists. Some regular symptoms include tendonitis, which is

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