The Negative Effects Of Playing Video Games

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I have a nine years old cousin who plays the video game almost crazy. He like plays the violent game, like shooting people, or kill the zombie. My cousin always plays games after he finishes his assignments; therefore, he completes the homework extremely quickly and then starts playing the game. Nowadays, many children play video games, like my cousin. They spend lots of time on it. Some young people spend the time to play video game are more than the time for studying. This situation not only will waste their time, but also influence their academic grade and physical. For example, if kids spend too much time on the game, they should watch the screen for a long time; therefore, their eyes will easily get damage. The media and technology are becoming common in people’s life. Especially young children prefer to use that stuff. So, what will it affect to our children is more important. When can the video game be said to be too harmful for public consumption in the society? The answer is if the video games waste most of the time, and they are violence, by now, they can be said too harmful for public consumption.
When the video game waste most of the time, it can be said to be dangerous for the public. Playing video games are easy to forget the time, especially for young children, who do not have enough self-control. They may play the games for a long time. Therefore, they lack the time for academic and social or communities with other people, like their parents. Alicia Ault

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