The Negative Effects Of Pollution On The Environment

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The pollution of the air is a major challenge that has a negative impact on everyone. There are various types of pollutants. Besides, the many ways to group pollutants, for instance, pollutants can be classified according to the distance in which their adverse effects are felt. Basing on this classification, there are pollutants that affect the global and local ecology. Some of the pollutants that affect local ecology include; emission of carbon (II) dioxide from cars, cigarette smoke. On the other hand some of the pollutants that have adverse effects on global ecology encompass; CFS (Chlorofluorocarbon) emissions, and carbon (IV) dioxide emission. The first type of pollutants is easy to manage. They can be controlled by taking direct action at the individual level to alter the behavior of the polluter. The later type of pollutants requires changes in policy by all nations to reduce the destruction they cause to the environment. The acid rain which affects European nations falls under the first type of pollutants. It is a regional problem. For many years the European nations have tried to forge a treaty to decrease the transitional of impacts of acid pollution. The European nation’s game to reduce acid pollution began in 1979 with a conference in Geneva. This game ended in 1989 with aims to negotiate a multi-pollutant compact. Other events that were resolved during this game period were the dissolution of the soviet nation and

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