The Negative Effects Of Pornography And Its Effects On Society

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Depictions of sexual acts date back thousands of years, earliest evidence of this is found in cave paintings of human genitalia and for thousands upon thousands of years pornography was depicted through images, however the invention of motion picture would soon change all this. From the 1980s porn started to become distributed through film and soon became almost synonymous with the internet. This had a massive impact on the new generation as previously pornographic material could only be accessed by purchasing particular magazines and the law required that you need to be over a certain age to purchase these magazines, this of course didn’t stop all teenagers under the age of 18 from viewing porn but it would have required great effort on their part, however the advent of the internet meant that all you now needed was a home computer with internet access and an ability to check a box stating that you were over the age of 18, this meant that pornography was no longer limited by age and the younger generation were being introduced to it earlier and earlier. Nowadays there are over 26 million sites dedicated to explicit content and at any given moment roughly 29 thousand people are viewing porn with 66% of them being male. Pornography is the collection of pictures, writing, or other material that is sexually explicit and sometimes equates sex with power and violence. This brief description would be helpful to understand the meaning of pornography, but not the effects that it

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