The Negative Effects Of Pornography

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The common co-occurrence of pornography and violence material may possibly explain why previous researchers have focused on the negative consequences of watching pornography (Butler, Holm, & Ferraro, 2011). However, because the inquiries suggests mixed effects of pornography, the supposition was that pornography exposure would affect attitudes, behaviors and relationships but did not indicate the direction of the effect. Throughout the analysis of the literature researcher find that the studies conducted suggested not only negative effects, but positive as well. Also some authors found a mix of effects or no effects at all (as can be observed on table 2). Nonetheless, most of the studies find positive correlations among negative sexual behavior/attitudes…show more content…
Morrison and colleagues found that SEM exposure was positively associated with sexual esteem for both male and female. Both genders similarly informed levels of SEM exposure that were inversely connected with sexual anxiety, demonstrating that the more pornography watched, the fewer anxiety the participant described during sexual interaction (As cited on Butler, 2011). Equally, males concluded that recurrent exposure to Playboy functioned as a source of information about sex and assisted them in developing sexual self- ideas (As cited on Butler 2011). An analysis of Playboy indicated a lack of stereotyping women and correct information about women, sex, and relationships suggesting that pornography accompanied by correct information can be educational, however it does not mentioned anything about Internet pornography users. An article wrote by McKee in 2007, provide an insight on what viewers thought about Internet porn, findings suggested that much of the users consider X-rated material as educational rather than negative influence. Some responders mentioned that they thought that porn provide an ‘unrealistic’ view of sex but that they see this as negative. Others even said that they see pornography as a very positive thing because seeing pornography make woman have a positive attitude towards sex, others describe porn as the…show more content…
They suggested that SEM is just one factor amongst several that may affect youth sexual behaviors. Another current Internet pornography research also suggests that viewers’ confidence in media representations is a key determinant of effects in other words that the effects of sexual media on watchers’ sexual behavior depends on watchers’ level of media confidence. As mentioned before some of the interviewees on McKee research stated that porn material portrayal unrealistic sex and that they see no negative problem with that, however cannot be expected that everyone’s cognitive perspectives are the same. Alike to this findings are the ones from Sinković, Štulhofer, & Božić, which study findings can be summarize as

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