The Negative Effects Of Poverty

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The world around us is plagued by a serious epidemic and those who are meant to lead the world and nurture growth have done nothing of real substance to end it. This epidemic effect everyone either directly or indirectly. Poverty is one of the worlds most widespread epidemics. People effected by poverty are more likely to have hard childhoods and become violent offenders. They are also more likely to become part of the prison poverty cycle. Poverty spreads at an exponential rate as does its effects on those not directly effected by poverty. Research shows the extreme negative effects poverty has on those who suffer from it and those who surround them. Systems have been put in place to help those who suffer from poverty, but the systems are flawed. Not enough is being done to help those effected directly by poverty and everyone suffers because of it. The government is failing, and the blame is being put upon those who are suffering due to there failure. The effects of living in poverty prevent those effected by poverty from being able to escape it but those who can change it refuse to acknowledge that they are the only ones who can do anything, arguing that those effected by poverty can help themselves. Those effected by poverty can not help themselves and more needs to be done for them. One of the reason’s people can not escape poverty on their own is because of the prolonged effects from growing up impoverished. Children who grow up impoverished are more likely to suffer
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