The Negative Effects Of Poverty On Children

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I chose this topic because it is an important issue for human beings and the environment. Poverty is a description of someone‖s economic situation; it does not describe who someone is. It is an issue on which people have different perspectives, ideas, comments etc., but most of the time they come from unauthorised or untrusted sources, which have no proof but the text seems convincing. I wish to make a change in the way people think about poverty and their different perspectives, although it is impossible to change everyone‖s way of thinking, but there‖s no harm in informing and educating people, who are ready for the change, about it.
Because of this I chose my research to be based on:
“What are the Effects of Poverty on
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Many rich earn more to save for their children but now, suddenly, the trend has changed and the rich kids are joining the workforce, as mentioned at Also many companies have made it their responsibility to do something for their world.
,, and are some examples.
Possible Scenarios.
If the top riches people in the world invest at-least 1% of their annual income, the world will change drastically. This money can be used to give education and spread awareness of the importance of getting education and making the effort to flee from the zone of poverty. Their money can be used to improve people‖s quality of life. As a UAE resident, who wishes to be
Anonymous, who came from Eritrea in Africa, said that people should teach the poor instead of donating their money. She says that we all should try to spend some time and donate some skills to the poor instead of just giving them the money. We should teach them to work for the money and not beg for it.
Possible Courses of
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Grants and loans cannot solve the problem of poverty.
We won‖t succeed in the long term without preparing future leaders locally, and earn and save money locally, and sustain strong bonds between local communities. Technology alone is not the answer, as it is something which can be classified as a luxury rather than a basic need, as it is expensive and isn‖t widely available for the poor. Teenagers should have a great part in eradicating poverty as they are the future leaders. Local Perspectives: Many people prefer signing petitions against the government to make sufficient changes in terms of inequalities and providing free education for the illiterate and the unprivileged. Some also prefer paying for the education of at least 1 unprivileged child, as it is said that every step matters to lead to success.
Majority of the people prefer to make campaigns and groups to support this cause. They prefer this as there are many people to contribute, plus if something goes wrong, the government can‖t take an action against huge groups, being fearful of the action‖s influence on other people. The main reason of choosing this type of movement is because people ―go with the flow‖ and get influenced easily, so if there‖s a huge number of people
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