The Negative Effects Of Racial Profiling

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Racial issues are sometimes dismissed as history; they are thought of as issues of the past. People sometimes believe that since the government preaches equality, that most racial issues are resolved. This is not the case in today’s society, as racial issues are still prevalent in everyday life. Not only facing discriminatory practices in the job market, minorities face racism in many different aspects of everyday life. In the world we live in today, people tend to judge a whole group of people based on the actions of only a few. It is ironic that in the country that was founded on immigrants from every corner of the world can have people that discriminate against those that are from different ethnicities than them. There is a significant…show more content…
Law enforcement do not recognize the minorities they victimize in a way that one should be acknowledged. They view them as troublemakers or nuisances that should be in prison because they are always up to no good. Taylor states, “Within these perspectives, misrecognition shows not just a lack of due respect. It can inflict a grievous wound, saddling its victims with a crippling self-hatred” (Taylor). The perspective that people who practice racial profiling view minorities results in negative effects. Due to the lack of recognition, there is no found respect between law enforcement agencies and their victims. However, law enforcement cannot see the harm they cause the victimized individuals who often suffer and go through various emotions because they are constantly…show more content…
This is a way for the public to differentiate whether police are just doing their job to protect and serve or if their stop was racially motivated. This solution could be executed by states taking the initiative to pass bills to enable a practice such as this one. One solution that can be beneficial to minorities and law enforcement agencies as well is the implementation of classes that display the basis of accurate policing. Such classes could steer future police officers away from the practice of racial profiling and hopefully eliminate any racial bias and stereotypes that may be instilled within them. If higher powers in states such as mayors and police chiefs step up and make these type of classes and workshops mandatory for all police forces, the issue of racial profiling will be one step closer to being completely
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