The Negative Effects Of Reality Television

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Television was always an important piece of American.It has existed for about seven decades.But as the television industry has grown, the idea of TV has disintegrated. These days the idea of TV has degenerated into pointless reality TV. Reality TV portrays a certain scenario and depicts the idea of what a certain character should do following that. The impact, however, is usually negative to younger audiences. Reality TV is indulgent and candid, it is overflowing with artificial life. Many production companies like TLC or MTV take the reality in life and make it up to be fictitious and unreal. Most production companies love a good reality TV show because they are cheap, easy and almost always a HIT! Reality TV is not real, there is only a hint of real life in it.They promote selfishness, and have actors who are motivated to “steal the show…..”Reality TV shows that it’s okay to pout, lie, and be selfish.They may even try to ruin the other character’s reputation or career for it. They are responsible for degrading a family’s values.They promote bad family values and un-flexible family relationships. They also give out the message that having family time isn’t a priority and other things are more important. They send out the incorrect message: reality TV is not REAL.When we watch we have to remember that the actors are paid to wear designer clothes and show off their overly large houses.We must remember that it 's their job to strut the runway, yell
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