The Negative Effects Of School Curriculum On Child Development

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Introduction The school curriculum implemented in the United States are the common core standards. Common Core Standards are standards in mathematics and English-language arts. States began to adopt the new curriculum in 2010. The goal of the standards is to better prepare K-12 students for college and life after high school. There is an ongoing debate on whether this curriculum is beneficial or harmful to students. As the years have progressed it has been found that the school curriculum has a negative impact on a child’s development. Child Development Process To fully understand the way a child develops in school and how common core is matching that; the process in which children learn needs to be observed. Kathy Sylva, a professor at Oxford University, found that children develop best in preschool. The skills that are taught in preschool are the basic skills needed to develop. Playtime or recess is very important because the children who play are found to be more effective problem solvers. Another factor in a young child’s development is the amount of care and attention given to them by teachers and parents. Children who are not cared for do not develop at the same rate (Kathy Sylva). Teachers are a leading factor in harming the development. Teachers George Leef, the director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, found that teachers are one of the main reasons why students do so poorly in school and are not prepared for college.

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