The Negative Effects Of School Violence In Schools

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In Vietnam, school violence nowadays has been considered as one of the most serious public education issues because of numerous detrimental impacts on students’ character, behavior and development. Admittedly, a lot of recent surveys of violence at schools have made not only the education system in general but also schools and parents in particular indeed worried. Many evidences show that the frequency of violent situations now is much higher than that in the past and the seriousness has risen to an alarming level. Remarkably, the Ministry of Education and Training reported that there have been over 7,000 cases of student fights since 2003 and 97.6% of Vietnamese students have witnessed the violent incidents in schools. As regards this controversial issue, educators have risen a large amount of questions about the root causes, the negative influences and the prevention of students fights. Despite growing media coverage of school violence, the issue has been around for years. Given such a fact, this paper will discuss the harmful impacts of school violence on Vietnamese students and also provide some solutions that lessen this phenomenon. (physical, behavioral, emotional and cognitive)
The first negative effect of the issue is on the students’ mental health. Daniels (2007) emphasized that mental injuries from fights at school may cause depression, anxiety problems and even psychological deficiency for students. Many people understand that due to the desire to do everything

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