The Negative Effects Of Self-Driving Cars

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Self-driving cars have been discussed for many years now, and they will be used for our society everyday use in the future. Some of the possible causes of self-driving cars are distracted driving, drunk driving, and texting while driving. Many car companies, colleges, and universities have been involved along with technology and car experts. Some of the possible solutions to this problem are to help reduce traffic congestion, deaths, and fatal car accidents. Self-driving cars are new emerging technology, and it will be used for our society everyday use in the future. While self-driving vehicles will provide a new form of technology in the future, they will affect our society by being an emerging technology that is innovative, dangerous, and unreliable.
Self-driving cars are a new form of emerging technology. An article that was recently published discussed the positive and negative effects of self-driving buses which led to research on self-driving cars. The emerging technology of driverless vehicles was introduced on public roadways. Crelin stated that “Long predicted to be an impending and emerging technology, driverless vehicles developed slowly over the course of the twentieth century but emerged fully into public view in the first decades of the twenty-first” (1). There were a lists of the aspects and concerns of self-driving cars. Hosansky mainly discussed how self-driving cars are related to technologies in use today. Self-driving cars have been both supported and

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