Reaction Paper About Sex Trafficking

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Sex trafficking is a major issue in the world and people often overlook the fact that it can be an issue in the most modern and advanced first world countries. This is the modern term for slavery of people for purposes including forced sex and labor. Sex trafficking is one of the most exclusive and most advanced types of slavery and is often gone unseen or unnoticed. This problem can cause many people to have low self-esteem and problems with their health. The low self-esteem is often caused because the people are raised or built to understand that they have no worth and that they are meant for nothing but to be raped and to do work without pay. The negative impacts that sex trafficking can have on people are often overlooked and downplayed. Some may ask what impacts sex trafficking may have on any given person due to the ignorance of this subject. Well, human and sex trafficking or forced labor can negatively impact a person by giving them no self-worth and making them believe they are not entitled to anything in their life. In…show more content…
This makes sex trafficking a complicated subject to not only talk about but also to really fully understand. Kemberly Kotrla includes this statement; “human trafficking is is one of the greatest human rights challenges of this century,” in her article Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the United States. This article goes into depth on how sex trafficking is a problem in this world and people in first world countries, such as our own, often times don’t pay much attention to that. This is a huge problem and the numbers don’t lie about how many people are related to sex trafficking. The number of people involved in this continues to increase making it a major problem that only shows signs to get
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