The Negative Effects Of Smart Phones On Children

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It is undeniable that we live in digital world accessed by mobile applications using all sorts of digital devices and it also obvious that it is impossible to hide from this new phenomenon. The entire population has become immersed in the digital world, not even children are left out of this new era. In the US, 90% of teenagers, between the ages of 10 and 17, have reported the use of Internet (Mitchell, 2007). It is a fact that using smartphones to access the Internet will allow children to connect with their friends, build social connections and increase their knowledge about the world around them but at the same time, one must not ignore the great risks the use of smartphones can impose on children. In the following paper, the effects of the use of smartphones on children will be discussed in three aspects. The first is a child’s physical health, since the exposure to the smartphone screen can cause damage to the eyes and the excessive texting can lead to thumb injuries as well as the rise in laziness and lack of enthusiasm for other activities. The second is a child’s mental health. Knowing the dark world available online that could easily reach children who might fall victims of bullying, violent images or indecent content which is above their age limit. And the third aspect is a child’s social life. Once a child becomes immersed in the digital world, he/she tends to ignore human interactions and become more addicted to the virtual world where they might end up
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