The Negative Effects Of Smartphones And Its Effects On Society

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Throughout the years, society has become more and more dependent on phones. According to the Huffington Post in 2015, 92% of adults in the United States had a smartphone (Howard). This handheld device, which has the capability of giving almost any information that is asked for in an instant, has put blinders on Americans preventing one from seeing what is happening right outside their own front door. Not only is technology a part of a person 's everyday life, it is taking over, controlling, and manipulating what a person thinks, how they act and feel.
Today people never have to look farther than their own phone screen to get up to date news, talk to friends on demand, and access the internet. Having a face to face conversations is no longer a priority because individuals have been replaced by faster ways to communicate through texting, emails or a phone call to a friend or loved one. Also, people no longer have to walk out their front door to see what is going on with those around them, rather they can type in a keyword on Google and get all the details in seconds on a breaking news story. All of these features may sound appealing and make lives easier, however, in reality, smartphones are impacting society for the worse because people are talking less to each other face to face and this is hurting today’s society and personal relationships. Each day humans are spending so much time on smartphones it is causing them to lose valuable time with loved ones and friends.

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