The Negative Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

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Today, cigarettes are highly taxed and provide a lot of money for an ever-growing economy. They are smoked by millions, across the country and are one of the most prolific addictions in the world. The revenue and pleasure that smoking cigarettes causes is entirely outweighed by the negative effects they cause. Smoking cigarettes is a dangerous and deadly addiction. They provide no benefits physically or mentally. Even non-smokers are now facing the consequences caused by cigarette smoke. Although cigarettes generate a lot of money for the economy, they have negative effects on people’s bodies and the environment, and should be completely outlawed in America.
Smoking cigarettes effects the smoker immediately, and has many negative short-term
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It damages just about every part of it. The long-term effects of smoking cigarettes are destructive to all the systems in your body, but the “respiratory system experiences the most devastating damage from long-term smoking” (Paradowski). It doesn’t just damage the inside of a smoker’s body either, Paradowski states that “smoking [cigarettes] often results in bad breath, stained teeth, discolored fingers, and an unhealthy complexion.” (Paradowski). Basically, Paradowski is saying that smoking also negatively effects your breath and appearance over a long period of time. Outlawing cigarettes would improve the health and appearance of long-time…show more content…
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