The Negative Effects Of Smoking

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Smoking: The deadliest habit of the mankind Smoking is one the deadliest habit of the mankind. After the inception of tobacco use, its consumption has been increased radically and now the globe has approximately 1 billion smokers! Even after government restriction, the tobacco companies are enjoyed year to year growth, which corresponds to that the consumption as well as tobacco users are increasing. Having so many hazardous effects on the health, the habituated smokers cannot restrict themselves to quit smoking. Brand forum reveals that even after a negative brand, its sales as well as the consumption is increasing dramatically. In this article we will tried to cover the dangerous health effect of a smoker, so that he/ she or their family members can help them to overcome from this deadly habit. Undeniable facts about smoking: 1. One in every five Americans dies annually due to smoking. 2. A single puff of smoking bears 48,000 of different chemicals. Among 69 of those can cause cancer to human. 3. In United States every day 4,000 adolescents start smoking. 4. In United States, average smokers spend at least USD 1,500 per year and in cumulative the value would stand over USD 333 billion. 5. Passive smoking causes annually 50,000 deaths in United States. 6. Approximately 15 billion of Cigarette is used in every day in the world. 7. More than 30% of cancer can be prevent by juts quitting smoking. 8. Recent clinical studies reveal that tobacco addiction is more dangerous than
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