The Negative Effects Of Smoking

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Have you ever wondered where is that foul smell is coming from? The white smoke that seemingly dances in air, do you know where it came from? Those things are coming from a cigarette of a smoker nearby you. To start things up, smoking is the consumption of an encased tobacco which produces smoke and contains nicotine. “Tobacco” as Giuseppe La Torre (2013) explains, “is an agricultural product and an end product of the fresh tobacco leaf in the genus Nicotiana (64 established species) of the Solanceae family plants (dried leaves are used to realize tobacco products)” (p.5). Before it becomes a cigarette, certain procedures are done in order for the tobacco leaf to be used in production. Smoking is becoming a problem in countries worldwide because of the increasing population of smokers. That is why it is only right that this risky habit should penalized by the government here in the Philippines because of its various negative effects in health such as lung cancer and asthma. Effects in the environment are also observed like pollution and also, its effects on society like encouraging the teenagers to smoke as well. To begin with, in history, people are recorded to have smoked as well. According to Sander Gilman & Xun Zhou (2004), smoking has been evident in the rituals of North and South America before the tobacco plant has been grown during 5,000 to 3,000 BCE. The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Caribs, and other people in the West are
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