The Adverse Effects Of Social Construction On Society

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Social construction is a way of describing the way an individual life may be seen to society. To the individual that life is normal or natural to a person, it is the life that the individual has been brought up in, but to society it could have adverse effects on society (Yuill, Gibson,2011). Another sample of social construction is the use of wealth and money, money is valuable, because society has said to treat it as valuable. Social class has a profound effect on society, in society its seen as the richest and the poorest. Oxfam recently in the year 2017 reported on the difference between rich and poor and how different society has grown suggestively in the past twenty years, to the extent that just five of the richest families are now wealthier than the poorest 20% of the population in the U.K combined.…show more content…
Drug use is socially constructed in modern society. Opium was once socially accepted in the UK, however today, doctors now treat people who are hooked to opium by treating them with morphine. Because of the doctor’s involvement it was classified as a medical condition, and any related illnesses were constructed (Lennon,2018). Until recently smoking was a legal drug and allowed to smoke in public places, until recently, where smoking is now banned in public places, and this was approved by society and was a social norm
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