The Negative Effects Of Social Media And Social Influescents

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As our world is filled with more and more technological advances by the day, we start to depend on them. Social media has made a huge impact in the everyday lives of those who have embraced it. Having social media, you can instantly look up anyone you want and can easily find loads of information about them. It makes you wonder just how safe you are. As a child, I created a Facebook profile without the knowledge of my parents. I didn’t have internet at my house and would use it at my Aunt’s. I would obsess over Facebook and the games included to the point where I would sit for hours playing. Whenever my parents finally decided to get internet at our house, my parents noticed my grades dropping lower than ever. The internet was blamed, though there was no actual evidential proof that it was impacting my studies. I will argue that social media not only affects the daily lives of those who use it, but can greatly impact them in negative ways.
The Negative Effects

Psychological Effects

From a scholarly article written by Ana-Maria Petrescu, the effects of the media during the adolescent years is discussed based on a socio-psycho-pedagogical approach. The information given that truly stood out for me was the psychological column which can conclude that it can become an addiction.
From the psychological point of view we can even speak of addiction in some cases. This is the urgent need to use a computer for periods of increasingly large periods, but not necessarily for

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